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DIY Mother's Day Gift Guide - #2 Tea-riffic Mom

DIY Mother's Day Gift Guide - #2 Tea-riffic Mom

Tea Party For Two.

Welcome back for another round of my DIY Gift Guide. Today we will talk about #2 on my Mother’s Day gift guide list. For this gift, I wanted to do something simple that represents quality time with mom. After a busy week, unwinding and relaxing over a cup of tea with mom has always been one of my favourite pastimes together. Whether it’s to catch up or to just to chat about life, this quality time is always special.

This being said, I designed a few simple DIY tea bag tags that are a little reminder for mom of how much we appreciate, love and admire her. Each tag has a cute little saying paired with a pretty pink colour palette. Continuing on with my floral theme, I chose one of my favourite loose teas by The Tea Brewery "Seaside Afternoon". This unique Nova Scotian blend of three delicious black teas has a delicate hint of jasmine and rose. (Available at Pete's)

The filter bags are from David's Tea. I bought a pack of 100 because I use them quite often, but a box of 20 would do just fine. You can also use David's Tea as well if you prefer. Once the tea bags are stuffed (1 tbsp. of tea in each), download, print and trim each tag. Then, fold the tags in half and use glue or double-sided tape to attach them on to existing tags. To finish your gift off, find a cute little glass jar to store your tea-bags in. I purchased mine from Ikea! Adding little pretty details such as ribbon or a cute pattern fabric adds a little bit of character to this sweet little gift.

* Follow the instructions below to create your own little gift!

Download Here! - Mother's Day Tea Bag tags


IMG_9656 Table1_small.jpg
IMG_9520 Table1_small.jpg
IMG_9558 Table1_small.jpg
IMG_9566 Table1_small.jpg
IMG_9605 Table1_small.jpg
IMG_9624 Table1_small.jpg
IMG_9641 Table1_small.jpg

Instructions And Cost For This DIY Gift:

Download Here! - Mother's Day Tea Bag tags

Materials need:
• Loose tea of your choice               $12
• Tea filter bags                                $12
• Jar                                                   $6
Total (roughly)                                $30

• Scissors                     
• Glue or double-sided tape
• Printer / Paper
• Optional Ribbon & fabric

*** Supplies listed/linked below! ***


1.      Place 1 tbsp. of loose tea into each filter bag (do as many as you would like)

2.      Print downloadable tag designs (Download Here)

3.      Trim each tag

4.      Using glue or tape, fold tag in half and press closed over existing filter tag

5.      Place in jar / decorate as desired





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