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Styled in Pink

Styled in Pink

A Home Styled for Valentine's Day.

Decorating for events and Holidays is one of my favourite things. Ever since I was young, I would re-arrange my bedroom at least twice a month, whenever I would get sent to my room, I would leave with a completely different space, My mother would get so mad. When punishment turned into a productive time to rearrange. It made me feel rejuvenated and refreshed, where I could explore my design imagination and escape into my dream interior space.

During these winter months, I especially appreciate a little change in our home, especially during February when the house feels empty and stark. Because February is the month of Love, I wanted to add some colour into our space, most of my friends know I am kinda allergic to colour, but a subtle hint of pink makes our home feel elegant, fresh and full of life during this dark and cold month. I have a thing for dusty rose and pale pinks. I can only get away with it in the month of February for Valentine's day (Craig won't allow it lol), so I take full advantage of it and introduce it into every room.

Looking forward to next months fun decor colour, already have a few ideas in mind! hehe!!

Here is a little peek of our home decor during February.


IMG_7027 1_small.jpg

Beautiful fresh rose bouquets fill the house, adding warmth into a white room

IMG_7000 1_small.jpg

Who says you can have too many throw pillows? NOT me! Loveeee these covers from IKEA, they are simple, cute, affordable, durable and easy to wash. Because we have a lovable chocolate lab, these cute covers see the washing machine on a regular basis.

IMG_7254 1_small.jpg

I love adding faux sheepskin blankets and rugs to a room, I feel it creates a cozy and inviting space. This faux sheepskin can be found at Homesense. As for our lovely sectional sofa, this is also a find from my beloved Ikea, a life saver for a dog owner, We wash frequently and have multiple colour covers to change it up every season. I LOVE change. 

IMG_7197 1_small.jpg
IMG_7016 1_small.jpg
IMG_7079 1_small.jpg
IMG_6969 1_small.jpg

Creating a cozy space to curl up and have a little time to yourself, whether it's to read a good book or to unwind on Instagram. This corner of the house is my favourite little spot. 

IMG_6946 1_small.jpg
IMG_6752 1_small.jpg

Our master bedroom is a work in progress, but I am liking where it is going. Although we still need an area rug and some decor on the walls, I love treating this space as a blank canvas and having fun making this into our own oasis. 

IMG_6773 1_small.jpg

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Love is Sweet

Love is Sweet

Be{er} Mine.

Be{er} Mine.