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Bubbles & Bliss

Bubbles & Bliss

Homemade Wild Rose & Lavender Bubble Bath

This holiday season I decided to get a little creative. I wanted to make a little something special for some of my favourite ladies on my gift list. After stumbling upon Jillian Harris's website, (which I do on a regular basis), I fell in love with her Rose Water face mist recipe. After thinking long and hard about what I could make, I was totally inspired. One of my favourite things to do during the cold seasons, after a long day at work, is to come home and relax with a glass of vino and a hot soothing bubble bath. Our tub is probably one of my most prized possessions in our house, I just can't get enough, especially in the winter!  Being inspired by Jillian's brilliant rose water, I added a few things to make it into a lovely bubble bath recipe, that is soooo easy, affordable and super cute for a gift.

IMG_6495 1_small.jpg

Gorgeous Red/Pink roses from our local super market.

IMG_6501 1_small.jpg

Super cut vintage style cork 8oz glass bottles from Michael's (THESE WERE ONLY $2.00)

IMG_6533 1_small.jpg

Pure-Castile Soap 18 in 1!!! I was going to mix my own and add in the extra essential oils until I was introduced to this lovely product by Dr. Bronner's. This Pure-Castile soap is awesome, it contains certified organic ingredients, it's fair trade and also cruelty-free! This contains several essential oils already, so you dont have to add any more (hence the name 18 in 1) such as soothing lavender oil, coconut oil, and other fruit essential oils to keep your skin soft and refreshed, as well as creating a delicious aroma.

IMG_6525 1_small.jpg
IMG_6550 1_small copy.jpg
IMG_6555 1_small_v1.jpg


4 Roses (Pull off petals)
2 bottles of Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap (I used "18-In-1 Lavender)
2 cups of distilled water
4 drops of essential oils (Optional) - I did not need this!


1. Gather 4-7 fresh roses, pluck each petal off carefully and place into large pot.
2. Cover rose petals with filtered water, only enough to cover the petals.
3. Bring to a boil, gently press petals down with a wooden spoon to release their pigment, until petals lose most of their colour. (20 mins)
4. Place lid on pot and simmer on low.
5. Once petals are saturated and the water is colourful, use a strainer to strain petals. Discarding petals and keeping rose water.

6. In a separate bowl, pour in the pure castile soap.
7. Add in small amounts of rose water until you are happy with the colour (Pink, Red or dark merlot )
**Mine turned dark merlot reddish/brown - Due to the organic Castile soap I used) However, it is still lovely, and the colour does not show up in the tub!

8. Pour carefully into glass bottles, let cool.
9. Finish with a ribbon/bow and add a tag for gifting





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